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Founded by knitwear designer Sabrina Louisor also known as Sabbylou. She started knitting from a very young age and has had a love for the craft ever since. With her passion for making her own clothes, combining the two interests was the next logical step in her creative development. 

Sabbylouknit is a chic, minimalistic and feminine brand focusing on enhancing the natural shape of the female form. Sourcing fabrics and yarn that have a luxurious aesthetic and feel "when a fabric feels good on the body you feel good too." 


Our products aim to make you feel sexy, confident and empowered with curved shaping, sheer backs and asymmetrical pieces, highlighting different aspects of your body, enhancing your shape in various ways.

"Having a handmade product makes it that little bit more significant because it has been beautifully handcrafted" 

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